Ambassador Bogyay's participation at the event organised by the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN (CRNGO) in WORLD INTERFAITH HARMONY WEEK (WIHW) at the UN Church Center.

Article of Emily Ludolph on Povl Bang-Jensen's Cold War story about heroism, subterfuge and possible sabotage at the United Nations. In 2016 Ambassador Katalin Bogyay hosted an event honoring Bang-Jensen's heroism in burning the list of Hungarian witnesses of the 1956 Revolution. 

Ambassador Bogyay presented the Statue, "A cry for freedom", to H.E. Mr. Peter Thompson, President of the General Assembly at the Salon d'Éte, hosted by the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United Nations:


Global economy, porous borders provide ‘business model’ for unchecked human trafficking:

Water dialogue co-moderated by Hungary and Tajikistan:

Transformative Leadership and Women in Water Diplomacy at CSW61

Hungarian Presence and Agenda at the 61st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women:
An Evening at the UN with Judit Polgar
First Week at the CSW 61 - UN - New York

Hungarian National Day Reception in the Headquarters of United Nations:
In late October 1956, it was Dwight vs Adlai here and a freedom fight for the ages in Hungary
Black Tie Magazine 

Musical Soirée with world renowned soprano Andrea Rost:
Salon d'Été Musical Soirée 

Ambassador Bogyay speaking about the role of Art in fighting modern slavery and human trafficking:
Can SOLD help to put an end to sex trafficking? 

Ambassador Bogyay at the International Day of Happiness event in the United Nations:
Jumping for Joy: Happiness Day 2016 at the UN 
Huffington Post account 

Honorary Doctorate for Ambassador Bogyay (in Hungarian):
Felavatták a Pannon Egyetem kőszegi kampuszát (Magyar Hírlap)
Díszdoktori cím adományozása Bogyay Katalin ENSZ nagykövet részére(
Felavatták a Pannon Egyetem kőszegi kampuszát (

Ambassador Bogyay at a Conference on the status of women and families (in Hungarian):
Konferencia a nők és családok helyzetéről

Freedom First! Hungarian press on the 60th anniversary of the 1956revolution:
Kutatni kezdik az 56-os forradalom titkos iratait (
Az 56-os események feltáraltaln részleteit kezdik kutatni (Magyar Hírlap) 
Titkos ENSZ aktákat tárnak fel 56-ból (Népszava) 
Feltárják 1956 titkos dokumentumait (Múlt-kor) 
ENSZ Nagykövet: az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Győr+ online) 
ENSZ Nagykövet: az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Kárpá
Titkos akták az 56-os forradalomról: hamarosan többet tudunk?(Privátbankár) 
Az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Sikeradó)
Az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Stop)
ENSZ Nagykövet: az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Szebb jövő)
ENSZ Nagykövet: az 1956-os események feltáratlan dokumentumait kezdik kutatni (Webrádió) 

The 61st Viennese Opera Ball in New York:
A Ball had with Gowns, Tails and Livestock
Viennese Opera Ball

Ambassador Bogyay to host Women Ambassadors' Luncheon as Hungary prepares for the CSW:
Women Ambassadors' Luncheon

A remembrance of Hungarian composers who perished during theHolocaust:
Remembrance event for the Hungarian composers who perished during the Holocaust
- Hungarian Composers / Victims of the Holocaust

“Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre” event hosted by Ambassador Katalin Bogyay:
New York Evening Hours by Lieba Nesis
De Souza Delivers
Pre-Sylvester Night Festive Dinner 

"Dialogue through Poerty, Art and Music" event hosted by Ambassador Bogyay to mark the Hungarian IHRA Chairmanship:
Salon d'Hiver and Musical Soiree Dialogue Through Poetry, Art & Music Hosted By H.E. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, Permanent Representative of Hungary To The UN

Interview with Ambassador Bogyay in the Diplomat magazine

Celebrating the World of the Foreign Press Association:
Foreign Press Association Christmas Party

Dialogue through Art and Music:
“Salon d’Ete & Musical Soiree” at the Permanent Mission of Hungary
Permanent Mission to Hungary to the United Nations Salon d’Ete and Musical Soiree

Hungary spearheads discussion on national implementation and monitoring of SDGs:
Asia-Europe Foundation

Official Launch of the Code of Conduct regarding Security Council action against genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes, as elaborated by the ACT-group:
The New York Times