3 Mar

On 2-3 March, 2020 UNODA organized a thematic seminar on pillar II. (non-proliferation) of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) with the financial support of the EU.

On behalf of Hungary, Ambassador György Molnár gave a presentation in the panel on nuclear security on Hungary’s work as the chair and convener of the Nuclear Security Contact Group (NSCG), composed of states that are prepared to play a leading role in strengthening nuclear security. He emphasized that the Contact Group is a high-level diplomatic forum of states engaged to facilitate progress in improving nuclear security. Ambassador Molnár summarized the strategic goals of the NSCG (to build a strengthened, sustainable and comprehensive nuclear security architecture; to advance the implementation of nuclear security commitments; to address continuing and evolving nuclear security challenges in a proactive manner) and the priority areas of its activities.  

He informed Member States that the next meeting of the NSCG will take place in Hungary, in June where the main items of the agenda will be defining the next tasks of the NSCG in light of the outcome of the IAEA International Conference On Nuclear Security (ICONS) and addressing new emerging technological challenges (cyber, computer security, AI).

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