10 Apr

Intervention by H.E. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the UN at the Third Thematic Meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly: The selection and appointment of the Secretary-General and other executive heads, on 10 April 2017.

Distinguished Co-Chairs,

I would like thank you for organizing this thematic debate on the selection and appointment of the Secretary-General and other executive heads of the Organization. Hungary aligns itself with the statements made by the ACT Group and the European Union and I wish to add the following comments in our national capacity.

Dear Co-Chairs,

Unfortunately, there are too few moments during our work here at the UN when we are able to look back with great satisfaction to what we have achieved.

The selection-process of the new Secretary-General is however truly one of these moments, a good starting point for all the Member States as well as the

Organization. We should not forget ourselves that together we were able to create a more transparent and inclusive selection-process that resulted in finding the best man for the job. This should serve as an inspiration for all of us, especially during difficult times when hard decisions are necessary. The consensual decision on both resolutions 69/231 and 70/305 clearly show us: If there is a will, there is a way.

Now it is our duty to make sure both resolutions` full implementation and if possible their further improvement so that they became the unquestionable norm during future selection-processes.

With regards to further improvements we strongly echo the ACT Group`s call for enhanced communication between the Security Council and the General Assembly. Hungary underlines the need for greater transparency concerning the results of the straw polls and welcomes in this regard the recent summary and recommendations of the PR of Japan on the selection-process. We think that putting a deadline for the applications is very important

Luckily we have some time to conduct thorough discussions and to find the best possible solutions for the remaining issues of future Secretary-General selections.

Perhaps it is more timely to talk about our expectations regarding the selection processes of the future executive heads of the Organization and I say this not only for Hungary but for all other Eastern European countries.

In this regard we reiterate our belief that geographical rotation, gender balance, and best qualifications, are equally important and should be the guiding principles when selecting executive heads of the Organization. This is about the image that this organization will project to the world with regard to equality, diversity, equity and adequate representation.

As the home country of the first UN Women Planet 50-50 gender Champion of Europe, (Chess Grand Master Judit Polgár) and as a member of the Group of

Friends of Gender Parity, as well as personally, Hungary commends the SG’s efforts towards achieving gender parity in the UN. We welcome the SG’s appointments of several highly qualified female senior officials, and the continuous encouragement towards States to nominate female candidates to certain posts in order to widen the pool of applicants. We encourage the SG to continue this approach and to explore what additional measures could be taken to ensure the transparency and professionalism of such processes. For Hungary the main message is that, we should fight against stereotypes.

Hungary also shares the view that no State should have an exclusive right to fill specific posts. Senior UN officials should be selected by the SG independently, in a competitive process, and on the basis of the expertise of the candidates, while due regard being given to fair geographical distribution and to gender balance. We emphasize again the importance of geographical representation in the high- level positions.

In order to make sure that the recently opened senior positions reach the best qualified candidates we actively promote them through our channels and we encourage other Member States to do so.

Distinguished Co-Chairs, I thank You. 

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