9 Oct

UN Youth Delegate of Hungary, Ms Ágnes Szuda, addressed the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly during its General Discussion on Social Development, highlighting the potential of youth to contribute to the achievement of sustainable social and economic development, with special regard to young persons with disabilities.

In her statement, Youth Delegate Ms Szuda emphasized the importance of quality education, labour market inclusion and participatory decision-making in empowering youth to achieve their full potential. She underlined the key role of social inclusion in creating an enabling environment for all – including women and girls, minorities or persons with disabilities, among others.

Expressing the need for the society as a whole to embrace all members of the society, Ms Szuda finished her statement in Hungarian sign language, calling on the international community to “work together for common brighter future”.

The statement can be accessed here.

Hungary joined the UN Youth Delegate Programme in 2015, enabling a talented student every year to fulfil a double mission: to represent Hungarian youth at the United Nations, and to raise awareness and educate on the aims and activities of the UN at home. Hungary is proud to welcome Ms Szuda as the third Delegate, who is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, as well as the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United Nations in New York.

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